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Product Design Services

Thinking in what our clients need and ask, and under the concept of WIN-WINS, we have design three modalities for the provision of firmware and hardware engineering services, differentiating the full-time dedication work schedules, jobs with specific scope per project and sporadic tasks. Also if your way of work doesn't fit this modalities of work, we are welcome to talk:

  1. Modality professionals full time
  2. Modality work package per project
  3. Modality per day.

Profesionals full time

This modality allows our client to have his own work team in Argentina, integrated into an experienced and mature team that can help you in your training, technical decisions and daily tasks, taking advantage of the synergy between colleagues in solving problems. Additionally, this modality allows you to save on project management, human resources, and administration. All this with only the payment of a monthly fee.

  1. Emtech will offer our Client full-time professionals dedicated to their tasks. Emtech will be in charge of personnel administration and will provide the basic infrastructure necessary for the work (offices, PC or notebook, communications, etc.).
  2. The selected person will be proposed by Emtech and selected in conjunction with Our Client.
  3.  Our Client will be in charge of the definition of projects and tasks that the professionals under contract must develop.
  4. Emtech will collaborate in the management of the projects and follow-up of tasks with the methodology that is defined by common agreement when starting the projects.
  5. If it is convenient and by mutual agreement between the parties, a professional who provides services may be replaced by another that is more convenient to achieve better results (for example, by a professional with more experience in technology, programming language, or type of specific task).
  6.  Contracts in this mode will have a minimum term of 6 months and may be terminated with a 3-month notice period.
  7. In the event of the resignation of an employee, the professional will be replaced by another, selected by common agreement and the months not worked will not be billed if there were any.
  8. The professionals dedicated full time to Our Client will work together with the rest of the Emtech team, training and taking advantage of all their knowledge and experience.

Rates for full-time professionals dedicated to Our Client

Emtech will invoice a fixed amount every month, 12 times a year. The rates to be billed per month will depend on the experience of the staff and the number of engineers under contract.

 Employee working conditions

  1. The holidays of the official calendar stipulated by Argentina will be respected, except for specific situations that must be negotiated promptly.
  2. Employees up to 5 years old will enjoy two weeks of paid vacations (14 calendar days).
  3. Employees 5-10 years old will enjoy three weeks of paid vacations (21 consecutive days).

Work package per project

This modality consists of contracting services for the realization of a Project with Deliverables, Scope, Pre-agreed Work Plan and fixed price. This modality implies the performance of works with well-defined scope and deliverables and a commitment to provide deliverables according to a plan and deadlines agreed between Emtech S.A. and Our Client.

Our work methodology is based on a virtual weekly meeting with Our Client, in which the advances and work to be carried out will be treated, the initial plan will be updated with the intrinsic changes that arise, it will be analyzed if there are significant changes to the set times, among other activities. If additional labor is needed, you will be informed before proceeding.

Delivery time: According to the workschedule approved by the client, which will be updated at weekly meetings.

During the first 5 days of each month, a percentage of work progress will be billed, previous agreement with Our Client in the weekly meetings.

A defined project proposal will be made in working days and once approved it will be quoted according to the project time (first 60 days, second 60 days and 121 days onwards ) and type of service (PCB Design, Firmware Design, SoC / FPGA Design).

Discount: If our Client has any service in the “Full-Time Professionals” mode, the value of the day with which the projects will be calculated will be with the value of “from day 121”.

 EmtechS.A reserves the right to renegotiate if the planned work is stopped for a period equal to or greater than two weeks pending the necessary definitions or materials that need to be provided by the client.

Work per day

In the event that Our Client requires sporadic tasks, of short duration or with undefined scope, you can hire Emtech engineers per day.    

Discount: If Our Client has any service in the "Full-Time Professionals" mode, the daily value will have a 15% discount.

  • PCB Design per day
  • Firmware Design per day
  • FPGA/FPGA-SoC design per day