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Unlock the potential of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) for ASIC, FPGA design, verification and embedded software with our expert team.

Our dedicated team brings you a cutting-edge approach to Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tailored for FPGA and ASIC projects, as well as embedded software. We understand the challenges you face in running tests, analyzing results, optimizing regressions, as well as having robust automation in your workflows.

Our service is not just about tools; it's a holistic solution. We specialize in implementing and maintaining Git CI pipelines designed specifically for FPGA and ASIC endeavors, along with seamlessly integrating embedded software development. This involves developing custom scripts that enhance automation, working seamlessly with cross-functional teams to integrate CI pipelines into your workflow.

Our expertise extends to integrating with ASIC flows, facilitating a cohesive development environment. Additionally, we bring our proficiency in UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) verification to ensure robust and efficient verification processes, optimizing configurations and scripts, ensuring that your FPGA and ASIC projects, alongside embedded software, run efficiently and effortlessly.

With us, your development enters a new era, where rapid iterations, collaborative workflows, and automated analysis are the norm. Explore the possibilities with our team, where we bring a fusion of expertise, innovation, and efficiency to transform your FPGA, ASIC, and embedded software projects.

Let's embark on a journey of accelerated development and unparalleled results.


Enhanced FPGA Verification with Unified Multi-Core System

This project introduces a streamlined verification process for FPGA development, focusing on a multi-core system. Each core, with its unique code, is linked to a shared repository of verification IPs. A standout feature of our approach is the ability to select specific tests and branches from the common repo for each pipeline, seamlessly fitting into the verification flow. This system also includes regression tests and code checks, similar to our other projects, with the flexibility of choosing tests for each regression to suit varied project requirements. This methodology ensures a unified, efficient workflow while maintaining high standards of code quality and verification across different FPGA development scenarios.

Advanced CI Pipelines for FPGA Development

In this project, we've crafted advanced Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines specifically for FPGA development. These pipelines automate RTL project builds, covering synthesis, implementation, and bitstream generation. Key features include enforcing code standards through format and style checks, ensuring file currency, and verifying RTL compilation and simulation integrated with regression tests. A unique aspect is the flexibility to select specific tests for each regression run, catering to different pipeline needs. The system also generates detailed reports on bugs and results. Nightly pipelines further enhance this by running all tests, allowing the verification team to continuously monitor project progress, thereby boosting efficiency and maintaining quality in FPGA development.

Python Automation Tool for FPGA Regression Testing and Reporting

This project focuses on developing a Python-based automation tool designed to streamline regression testing and report generation in FPGA development. A significant addition to our suite of tools, this Python tool automates the execution of regression tests, enhancing the efficiency of the verification process. It integrates TCL packages to support cross-platform development, ensuring compatibility across various EDA tools. The tool is equipped with scripts that automate specific tasks within the EDA flow, further simplifying the development process. This automation tool is particularly adept at handling diverse test scenarios, customizing test runs based on specific project needs, and generating comprehensive reports. These features make it an invaluable asset in maintaining high standards of code quality and efficiency in FPGA development, complementing our existing CI pipelines and unified multi-core system verification approach.


  • Implementation of Python tool for running and analyzing regressions.
  • Implementing and maintaining GitLab CI pipelines for a FPGA project.
  • Developing custom TCL, Bash and Python scripts for automation.
  • Programming Languages:
      ▪ Shell Scripting
      ▪ TCL
      ▪ Python
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate CI pipelines.
  • Optimizing pipeline configurations and scripts.
  • Generation of user-friendly graphical reports for assessing project status quickly
  • GitLab CICD.
  • GitHub CICD.
  • Docker


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