Empower Your Team with Emtechsa's Expert Training Services

Boost your team's expertise in Embedded Systems, FPGA design flow, and software development through our comprehensive and customizable training programs.

From hands-on workshops to in-depth courses, our training modules cover topics such as hardware design, firmware development, real-time systems, and more. Our experienced trainers bring their industry expertise and practical insights to ensure that your team gains valuable insights and can apply them effectively to your projects.

What sets our training services apart is our flexibility to customize programs based on your specific needs. We understand that every organization has unique requirements and goals. Therefore, we work closely with you to identify your team's skill gaps, project demands, and preferred learning approaches


  • FPGA SoC custom peripheral support:
      ▪ Xilinx
      ▪ Intel
      ▪ Microsemi
  • Diverse Processor Architectures:
      ▪ ARM
      ▪ PIC
      ▪ AVR
      ▪ MIPS
      ▪ x86
  • Embedded Linux Toolchain customization
  • Real-Time Systems for Signal Processing and Critical Systems
  • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS):
      ▪ CoOS
      ▪ FreeRTOS
      ▪ ChibiOS
      ▪ NuttX
      ▪ UCOS
      ▪ RTLinux
  • Programming Languages:
      ▪ C/C++
      ▪ C#
      ▪ C.Net/Qt
      ▪ Python
  • Network Protocols:
      ▪ TCP/IP stacks (LwIP)
      ▪ Ethernet
      ▪ WiFi
      ▪ MQTT
  • Serial Communication:
      ▪ RS485
      ▪ RS232
      ▪ RS422
      ▪ USB
  • Wireless Communication:
      ▪ Bluetooth
      ▪ RF
  • Drivers:
      ▪ I2C
      ▪ SPI
      ▪ CAN
      ▪ ADC
      ▪ DAC
      ▪ SD
  • DSP, ADC & DAC drivers
  • Web servers and Web services
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • GUI Design
  • Data Storage
  • Touch user interfaces design and implementation


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