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High Performance

High Performance Data Processing FPGA Platform
Development of an adaptive data stream management system. This kind of platform allows content providers to analyze their quality of service (QoS) and to optimize network streams according to dynamic bandwidth demands. Our work in this project involved the implementation of the required FPGA infrastructure for the platform and the development of the application to monitor and control the FPGA Cluster box.
SAR target emulation

SAR Target Emulation
Developed an FPGA Core for a high performance acquisition board, used as part of the Test Equipment for a Synthetic Aperture Radar.The Core acquires radar pulses and generates echoes for these pulses to emulate several targets responses.

Advanced Verification

SoC Advanced Verification Environment Development
Verification of the System On Chip (SoC) designed to be the main controller of a Critical System and implemented into a multimillion gate FPGA. The SoC incorporates a general purpose processor, several application specific cores and controllers; all connected with a multi-master AXI bus and fault detection & recovery resources.

Real Time System
System of centralization, distribution and visualization of data in real time of the plant for the ATUCHA I, II and Embalse nuclear power plants. (POT)
Data handling and proccesing

Data handling and proccessing
Design and implementation of the data handling and processing infrastructure of the Monopulso Argentino Secondary Radar (RSMA) (INVAP S.E.).

Xilinx Zynq Soc Design
Development of a hardware and software framework for signal acquisition, generation, processing and monitoring. The signals from the converters were processed in real-time at 200 Msps using the Zynq PL (FPGA), and analyzed offline using software on the Zynq PS (SoC).  

Power Station Support Software
Support systems for the operation of the loading machine of the ATUCHA I power station.
Hardware Design

ASIC Design Support
Support and participation in the design of the VX600 print controller (ASIC). Functional simulation, testing framework for System Verilog and FPGA. (AURORA GROUP III - EFI)

AgIoT Framework
We designed a metallic structure to mount in corrals for weighing animals while they drink water. It has a radio frequency identification equipment (RFID) to identify the animal with a TAG, communication by RF to the central of the weight. Power system by solar panel and battery. It also includes a gateway for communication to the cloud, an a web page and mobile application for viewing the information online.
Embedded QT Development, COVID 19 Ventilator

Mechanic Ventilator
In collaboration with Jeremías G. Butto, mentor and project leader and other associates, it was possible to design and produce a device capable of entering air/oxygen to and extract it from an artificial lung. KIRIVENT-01 #COVID19
QT Development

Smart Room Control System
The main control board handles 60 buttons, interfaces like Ethernet and RS485, and manages room functions (lights, blinds, temperature). It's powered via RS485 and uses UDP for variable configurations and displays.There's also a power board controlling 14 power outputs and 2 blind motor outputs (220V @ 3A).An embedded Qt app on a Raspberry Pi with a 7" display offers a user-friendly interface for room parameter control (e.g., temperature, services, alarms).

Software for flow chemistry and automation
The Software is a comprehensive flow chemistry control interface that automates experiments, supports various pumps and reactors, and connects with multiple device manufacturers like Gilson, Bruker, MT and Knauer for enhanced laboratory automation. Use tools such as OPC UA client and python scripts to automate the laboratory.

AOI interface

AOI System for Inspection
The AOI System platform that allows automated non-invasive visual inspection of manufactured products. The method of operation consists of a camera that autonomously scans a device under test in search of catastrophic faults or quality defects, such as missing components, parts in wrong positions, problems in the connection of different connectors, etc.
IOT product with Modbus

Module for converting Modbus TCP implemented over Wi-Fi to Modbus RTU via RS485 and vice versa. It allows to connect any industrial equipment with Modbus Serial communication to a Wi-Fi network.Additionally, it implements a Modbus slave with digital inputs and outputs that provides an integral solution for control applications without the need for additional modules.

Intelligent Liquid Dispenser
Automatic dosing system, designed for application in industrial and commercial washing machines. Includes the use of user interfaces with touch panel, storage of various device configurations according to the type of material to be washed, control of peristaltic dosing pumps and electrovalves, interface with washing machines and data transmission via WiFi and USB.
Area Monitor Product

Radiation Detector
Implementation of the Electronics Data Processing Unit of an Area Radiation Monitoring, which is an instrument that measures gamma radiation dose using Geiger sensors.It is designed to detect small changes in radiation levels.

250 Msps ADC/DAC Mezzanine Card
Designed to digitize and synthetize high speed signals. Its two ADC channels and two DAC channels allow the user to acquire or generate high–speed signals, i.e. for radar test systems. The board has been characterized and we have developed a HW/SW application framework based on the ZedBoard (Xilinx Zynq FPGA) to test and evaluate every component on the card
Lanin Board

Embedded Systems Lanin Board
After designing several small microprocessor-based boards for different applications and clients we decided to develop a board and the supporting software platform using a mature toolchain that could be used as the base for different projects. The Lanin board is based on ST’s Cortex M4 STM32F4 microprocessor, and includes different communications interfaces.

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