Embedded SW

Zephyr OS, A brief introduction

The Zephyr Project emerged on the embedded systems scene in 2016 as a new real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded and IoT devices. It's a collaborative effort led by the Linux Foundation, along with Wind River, Synopsys, and NXP. Their goal was to create a multi-platform RTOS that leverages proven concepts from the Linux operating system, such as kconfig, device trees, and the driver model.‍

May 28, 2024

Qt Development: Challenges and Strategies for Efficient Code Inheritance

Developing software based on preexisting code is an art in itself. When this challenge is combined with the use of the Qt framework and an inefficient legacy architecture, the complexity and opportunities multiply. In this blog, we will explore not only the benefits and challenges of inheriting code in the world of Qt but also how to address an inefficient legacy architecture and face the eternal dilemma of investing time in redesign versus saving time by maintaining the existing architecture.

January 16, 2024

How can Raspberry Pi's potential be unleashed in developing HMI applications for IoT with intensive loads?

Unlocking the Raspberry Pi's full potential for developing HMI applications for IoT involves a symphony of components, from the nimble Buildroot OS to the versatile OPC UA Server, TCP/IP Server, Serial Interface, RDP, SFTP, Camera, and seamless OS updates. Each element plays a pivotal role in enabling efficient communication, remote access, and adaptability, making it an ideal solution for the challenges of demanding industrial scenarios.

January 2, 2024

Integrate an OPC UA Server into an embedded or PC application using the QT platform

In today's post we will introduce you to automating industrial or Internet of Things equipment through an API developed with the OPC UA standard using QT as a development platform. QT allows you to create cross-platform applications, so you could create an application that runs both on a PC and on an embedded system like a raspberry pi.

November 21, 2023