ASIC Design

We deliver top-notch ASIC design services that encompass the entire development process, from inception to execution.

With 15+ years of experience and a deep understanding of the development cycle, we excel at transforming concepts into robust implementations.

A 25+ professional digital ASIC design team with combined experience of more than 50 tape-outs in nodes from 180 nm all the way down to 3 nm, and a solid management team with more than 15 years in the microelectronics and SoC solutions industry.

Our methodology adapts to clients' demands, from thorough procedures to rapid developments.

We have a proven track record across diverse industries, including new space, aerospace & defense, nuclear, industrial, and healthcare


architectural specification
RTL,  logic and physical synthesis
algorithms and modeling
SoC and Sub-system Integration


  • Verilog
  • System Verilog
  • VHDL
  • HLS
  • Scripting (TCL, Python,...)
  • C/C++
  • High Level Languages
  • Matlab


  • CMOS HV 350nm, 180nm, XFAB
  • CMOS 180nm, 130nm, Global Foundries
  • CMOS 65nm down to 3nm, Intel, TSMC


  • HSIO Protocols (PCIe, OmniPath), AMBA protocols (AXI/AHB/APB)
  • High speed SERDES interfacing
  • Memory interfaces (DDRx/LPDDRx)
  • Low-speed peripheral interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART, MDIO, I2S)
Physical layout
IP Block Design and Development
Verification icon
Low-power design & checks & Automated property checks
Implementation and testing icon
Lint, CDC
DFT insertion, ATPG
Implementation and testing icon
Clock and reset design, Clock gating, UPF
post-silicon testing writing

development cycle


Silicon-tested ultra-low-power RISC-V based microcontroller on a 0.18um and 65nm

-Silicon-tested ultra low power (48.31 pJ/cycle @1MHz per core on 0.18um commercial process).
-Ultra-Compact RISC-V 32RVI compatible microcontroller: dual and single core IP solutions (less than 32k gates per core)
-Include SPI, Bootstrap, UART and SRAM memory controllers.
-Full instruction-set implementation (32RVI 32-bit base integer) with custom special GPIO instructions
-IP is capable of replacing 8 and 16-bit microcontroller solutions while being flexible and expandable to 32-bits, maintaining complete compatibility to RISC-V open-source toolchains.
-Configurable clock-gated 32-bit bus manager: Facilitates power management and integration of other IP blocks to the RISC-V core.

RTL design and implementation of several IP blocks for two 100+ million logic cells ASICs

-Delivered entirely new micro-architecture definition and RTL code for new features in Tx/Rx interfaces including congestion control, port sub-division and virtual lane management (while maintaining compatibility to previous generation ASICs)
-Expanded legacy data crossbar to accommodate new speed and data formats with backwards compatibility
-Enhanced data throughput in legacy TX/RX ports with backwards compatibility
-RTL code developed for a new ARM-based general control manager including integration of SRAM, PVT and proprietary blocks.
-RTL interface to AlphaWave 100Gbps SERDES, including new FEC modules.
-Drove the relation with backend provider on DFT, floorplanning, place & route for both ASICs
-Synthesis verification (all blocks) including post Place & Route timing and power closure in coordination with backend provider.

Our expertise

  • ASIC design and verification
    (Intel, TSMC, XFAB, Global Foundries, 350nm down to 3nm)
  • ASIC custom IP Integration and design (SerDes, PCIe, DACs, ADCs, Sigma-Delta Modulators, Biomedical Sensor, Current Drivers, etc)
  • Floorplanning, Place and route, Clock tree synthesis
  • Timing closure, Power analysis
  • Verification (UVM, testbench design, debug support)
  • Standard bus interfaces (AMBA AHB, APB, AXI, Wishbone, etc.)
  • High speed interfaces (DDR3/4, PCIe, GBE)
  • DSP and signal processing applications
  • Low power techniques and multiple power domain control under the UPF standard
  • Protocol acceleration and Communications
  • Space applications
  • DFT Integration (Scan Chains, JTAG, ATPG, etc)
  • ASIC Design consultation (Architecture Design, Transaction level modeling, systemC)
  • LVS, Physical verification and GDSII generation

CORE DESIGN methodology

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