We are a digital architect, sculpting the intelligence that breathes life into everyday devices, making them smarter, more efficient, and seamlessly integrated into our modern world.

An embedded system is a specialized computing system that is dedicated to performing specific functions within a larger mechanical or electrical system. We craft the intricate software that dictates the behavior of these systems. The code is program to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and responsiveness, with deep understanding of hardware constraints, real-time operating systems, and low-level programming languages.

We work on a diverse array of projects, ranging from automotive control systems and medical devices to smart home appliances and industrial machinery. We navigate the challenges of resource limitations, power efficiency, and real-time processing requirements.

We have extensive experience in embedded software design services, with expertise ranging from bare metal to high-level programming. We are skilled in API design, real-time operating systems (RTOS), embedded Linux, and API development. 


Area Monitor Product
Radiation Detector

Design and implementation of the Electronics Data Processing Unit for an Area Radiation Monitoring instrument.
The instrument utilizes Geiger sensors to measure gamma radiation dose and is specifically designed to detect small changes in radiation levels. It features an LED display to show calculated dose results and has three configurable alarm thresholds for generating visual and audible signals. Additionally, the instrument includes a web page interface for monitoring variables, managing the system, and executing test routines. It can also be accessed via Modbus (RTU and TCP) and supports the connection of intelligent active external probes through an RS-485 interface for input of shaped pulses or Modbus communication.

Precision Seeding System with ISOBUS Compatibility

Precision seeding electronic system compatible with ISOBUS for Argentine seeders. It consists of head nodes for each row and a central unit, enabling per-row regulation of the application rate based on the established target rate. This is achieved through the control and sensing of the planter's elements, with measurements stored in memory. The system also facilitates report generation and transfer to the cloud via a mobile phone.

Multiplatform SW for automation equipment

Lab equipment automation software with RS232, RS485, OPCUA, and Ethernet connectivity, enabling programming, control, and visualization of flow chemistry processes.


  • Embedded Linux Toolchain customization
  • Real-Time Systems for Signal Processing and Critical Systems
  • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS):
      ▪ CoOS
      ▪ FreeRTOS
      ▪ ChibiOS
      ▪ NuttX
      ▪ UCOS
      ▪ Real Time Linux
  • Programming Languages:
      ▪ C/C++
      ▪ C#
      ▪ C.Net/Qt
      ▪ Python
  • Network Protocols:
      ▪ TCP/IP stacks (LwIP)
      ▪ Ethernet
      ▪ WiFi
      ▪ MQTT
  • FPGA SoC custom peripheral support:
      ▪ Xilinx
      ▪ Intel
      ▪ Microsemi
  • Drivers:
      ▪ I2C
      ▪ SPI
      ▪ CAN
      ▪ ADC
      ▪ DAC
      ▪ SD
      ▪ ISOBUS, others
  • Web servers and Web services
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • GUI Design
  • Touch user interfaces design and implementation


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