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We enable your business's success by providing tailored IoT solution

With expertise in hardware, software, and cloud systems, our experienced engineers develop multiple IoT applications, including those with low-power requirements.

By focusing on energy efficiency and employing optimization techniques, we ensure the reliability, security, and longevity required for your IoT solutions


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AgIoT Framework

Design and implementation of an animal weighing system. The structure incorporates radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment for animal identification using TAGs, RF communication to the central weight system, and a power system consisting of a solar panel and battery. Additionally, it features a gateway for cloud communication, along with a web page and mobile application for convenient online access to the gathered information.

We designed a metallic structure to mount in corrals for weighing animals while they drink water. It has a radio frequency identification equipment (RFID) to identify the animal with a TAG, communication by RF to the central of the weight. Power system by solar panel and battery. It also includes a gateway for communication to the cloud, an a web page and mobile application for viewing the information online.

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Real Time System

System of centralization, distribution, and visualization of data in real-time for ATUCHA I, II, and Embalse nuclear power plants. (POT)

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Hotel Auto System

Home automation system design and implementation for intelligent room control of lights, blinds, and temperature through a 7" touch display.

The development required the following technologies: RS485, Ethernet and 1-wire interface UDP communication, and 16 power control outputs with current sensing (220V @ 3A).The control App was implemented in Qt embedded that runs on a RbPi.

OUR capabilities


  • “State of the art” technology for Embedded System design
  • Real-Time Systems and Critical Systems
  • DSP and Modeling
  • Embedded Linux Toolchain customization
  • Customized Embedded platform and SDK development
  • HAL, Firmware, and Device Drivers development and customization
  • Networking: TCP, UDP, SMTP, heterogeneous, and proprietary protocols
  • GUI Designs for screens and Touch panels 
  • Image processing and Computer Vision
  • Web servers and Web services


  • System Architecture Definition
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design
  • FPGA and Microprocessor-based boards
  • Space system PCB design and analysis
  • High-speed digital circuit design
  • Support for production and manufacturing
  • Engineering and manufacturing documentation
  • Reliability analysis (Part Stress, FMEA)
  • Signal and Power Integrity Analysis (HyperLynx)

Technologies & Tools 

  • FreeRTOS
  • ChibiOS
  • CoOS
  • NuttX
  • LiteOS
  • Embedded Linux
  • Glibc, uClibc
  • Buildroot
  • Yocto
  • OpenWRT
  • QT
  • GTK
  • uGFX
  • Lora, LoraWan, ZigBee, GPRS
  • ARM9 and Atom CPUs 
  • 8051
  • Cortex
  • STM32
  • TI-MSP microcontrollers


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