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Our main goal is to meet the requirements at the first implementation. We accomplish this by our vast experience solving problems and the effort we put to clearly understand the needs of our clients. We make sure our development priorities are in line with our customer priorities. We build trust with our customers by being transparent during the all development process.


We are passionate nerds who love what we do. We believe in being technically competent, independent and self starters, but also asking the person next to you for help when needed.
We like to use the right tool for each job, and many times, the right tool is having the right person to give you a hand, so teamwork and collaboration are part of our nature.


We understand each client is unique, and will adapt to their proposed methodologies, documentation and project management practices. We like to use agile management practices internally to make sure we remain flexible and assign the right person to the right job when needed.


Accumulated experience of more than 120 years in embedded hardware software and FPGA design and verification.The team consists of a technical management team lead, project manager with a technical background, and FPGA, hardware and software team leads and 3 experienced RTL Design Engineers (VHDL & VERILOG). The core Emtech team has been working together for more than 10 years. Newer team members are chosen based on their qualifications and teamwork, so they ramp up and are quickly productive.


Experience of core team includes differente technical areas, including system-level to gates. We have designed, brought up and debugged different systems based very diverse hardware and software. From systems that use FPGAs for complex DSP processing,  to Linux on CPUs and FPGA SoCs to small microcontroller-based boards with low-power communications for the IoT.

Technical areas

System Development


System Architecture definition, protocols, sub-system specifications, HW/SW interaction, cloud based data hosting, integration of designs into complex (custom data servers, radar, space, distributed IoT) systems, etc.

FPGA Design

asiC & FPGA

CMOS processes: 350 nm to 3 nm (TSMC, Intel, Global Foundries, XFAB). Xilinx, Intel and Microsemi devices, FPGA SoCs, softcore processors, ARM, AMBA, AXI, 10G and 40G Ethernet interfaces, memory controllers, DDR interfaces, PCIe, CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, MicroProcessor Interfaces, ADC and DAC interfaces.

Hardware Development


Schematic capture and PCB design, multi-layer, high speed, ADC and DAC interfaces, FPGA, sensor interfaces, signal conditioning

Embedded development

Embedded and Low Level Software

Embedded Linux, RTOS, bare metal design, ARM Cortex M and A, MIPS, PIC, Linux drivers,

Mobile development


Languges: Go, Java, C#, C/C++, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Python. Mobile: iOS, Android, Flutter, React, Xamarin. Web: Vue, React, Angular. Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure. Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL.


Modelling, DSP

Matlab, Octave, Python and custom applications, algorithm design and validation, communications applications.



OTN, SONET, SDH, PDH, GFP, Datacomms interfaces ASIC FPGA DESIGN and implementation TI, LSI, STM, XILINX, ALTERA LATTICE SoC level Design and Integration ARM. Power PC, NIOS Micro Blaze cores Embedded software design RTOS, Linux



Matlab, Octave, Python and custom applications, algorithm design and validation, communications applications.